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    formatting fixup. formatting fixups. Try using U+FFFF as the "invalid" · 6f90d7c1
    Nalin Dahyabhai authored
    * src/dumpkeys.c: formatting fixup.
    * src/iso2022.c: formatting fixups.  Try using U+FFFF as the "invalid" marker
    	character instead of '?', because it's actually invalid.
    * src/pty.c: formatting fixup.
    * src/reflect.c: formatting fixup.
    * src/ring.c: formatting fixup.
    * src/ssfe.c: formatting fixups.
    * src/trie.c: formatting fixup.
    * src/vte.c: formatting fixups.
    * src/vte.c(vte_terminal_get_accessible): don't add a weak pointer to the
    	AtkObject if it isn't a valid AtkObject.  Only emit text-changed signals
    	if we managed to create a valid accessible peer.
    * src/vteaccess.c: formatting fixups.
    * src/vteaccess.c(vte_terminal_accessible_init): unset the EXPANDABLE Atk state.
    	Set the RESIZABLE state.
    * src/vteaccess.c(vte_terminal_accessible_class_init): Remove spurious(?) call
    	to bind_textdomain.
    * src/vteaccess.c(vte_terminal_accessible_get_type): check if the accessible
    	peer of our peer's ancestor is derived from GtkAccessible, and if it
    	isn't derive from GtkAccessible instead of that.
    * src/vteaccess.c(vte_terminal_accessible_get_type): register our factory type.
    * src/vteaccess.c, src/vteaccess.c: add VteTerminalAccessibleFactory.
    * src/vtedraw.c: formatting fixup.
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