Commit 6b25dce2 authored by Kjartan Maraas's avatar Kjartan Maraas


parent 6e02617d
0.11.12: - Performance improvements:
- Two patches from bug #137864 (Benjamin Otte)
- Patch from bug #143914 (Søren Sandmann)
- Fix crash when resizing a terminal running minicom (Søren Sandmann)
Closes bug #163814 and duplicate.
- Adjust timeouts to make us behave like xterm when
outputing large amounts of text and still be fast (Kjartan)
- Fix build with VTE_DEBUG enabled (Kjartan)
- Build fixes for NetBSD and Darwin. Bug #126377 (Adrian Bunk)
- Build fixes for AIX. Bug #161352
- Make keypad behave like in xterm. Bug #128099. (jylefort at brutele be)
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