Commit 7f3e8572 authored by Nalin Dahyabhai's avatar Nalin Dahyabhai

fix broken debug message.

* src/vteaccess.c: fix broken debug message.
parent 8f7ba9c4
2003-04-15 nalin
* src/vteaccess.c: fix broken debug message.
2003-04-15 nalin
* src/vte.c: make row_data a structure containing an array instead of a
simple array. Add a field to row data structures which tracks whether
......@@ -303,8 +303,6 @@ vte_terminal_accessible_update_private_data_if_needed(AtkObject *text,
attrs.row, i);
fprintf(stderr, "Cursor at (%ld, "
"%ld).\n", ccol, crow);
g_array_append_val(priv->snapshot_linebreaks, i);
......@@ -319,6 +317,11 @@ vte_terminal_accessible_update_private_data_if_needed(AtkObject *text,
/* Update the caret position. */
vte_terminal_get_cursor_position(terminal, &ccol, &crow);
#ifdef VTE_DEBUG
if (_vte_debug_on(VTE_DEBUG_MISC)) {
fprintf(stderr, "Cursor at (%ld, " "%ld).\n", ccol, crow);
/* Get the offsets to the beginnings of each line. */
caret = -1;
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