Commit 86a7aaff authored by Nalin Dahyabhai's avatar Nalin Dahyabhai

compile fix.

* src/vtegl.c(_vte_gl_set_text_font): compile fix.
parent 23e20049
2003-06-01 nalin
* src/vtegl.c(_vte_gl_set_text_font): compile fix.
2003-05-30 nalin
* src/vte.c(vte_sequence_handler_decset_internal): fix logic for
skipping over particular settings so that setting 1048 actually works.
......@@ -395,7 +395,8 @@ _vte_gl_set_text_font(struct _vte_draw *draw,
data->cache = _vte_glyph_cache_new();
_vte_glyph_cache_set_font_description(NULL, data->cache, fontdesc,
NULL, data->cache, fontdesc,
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