Commit e33085bb authored by Danilo Šegan's avatar Danilo Šegan

Fix bug #149925: add comment for translators.

Fix bug #149925: add comment for translators.
parent 096becaa
2005-07-21 Danilo Šegan <>
Fixes #149925.
* src/vte.c (vte_terminal_io_read): Added simple comment for
2005-07-07 Matthias Clasen <>
* src/vte.c (vte_terminal_unrealize): Unset the user data
......@@ -7901,6 +7901,7 @@ vte_terminal_io_read(GIOChannel *channel,
case EBUSY: /* do nothing */
/* Translators: %s is replaced with error message returned by strerror(). */
g_warning(_("Error reading from child: "
"%s."), strerror(errno));
leave_open = TRUE;
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