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      d/changelog: Finalize 7:4.1-1 · 5cd5d68a
      James Cowgill authored
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      d/upstream/signing-key.asc: Minimize key · d3b09629
      James Cowgill authored
      Fixes "public-upstream-key-not-minimal" lintian warning.
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      d/copyright: Updates for 4.1 · 612fb5fe
      James Cowgill authored
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      d/rules: Disable opencv · e610c199
      James Cowgill authored
      FFmpeg relies on the old OpenCV C API which has been deprecated for
      some time. In OpenCV 3.4 it stopped building altogether and uptream
      doesn't want to fix it. Therefore we have no choice but to disable
      OpenCV support in Debian.
      Closes: #915544
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      d/*.symbols: Update symbols files for 4.1 · 15ad23ae
      James Cowgill authored
      Addition of new functions are easy to handle, but adding new fields to
      the end of structures can't be handled directly by the deb-symbols
      system. This is worked around by bumping the version for a few
      functions which must be called by the calling program to be able to
      use these structures. It is possible to defeat this if: the structure
      crosses a (non-ffmpeg) shared library boundary, the consumer of said
      library does not call one of the bumped functions, and the consumer
      references a new field. Hopefully these cases are rare enough that
      they can be fixed manually in the consuming packages (if there are any
      cases at all).
      + av_bsf_flush
      + av_mediacodec_render_buffer_at_time
      + struct AVFormatContext.skip_estimate_duration_from_pts
        - avformat_alloc_context
        - avformat_alloc_output_context
        - avformat_open_input
      + struct AVProgram.pmt_version
        - av_find_program_from_stream
        - av_new_program
        - Note you can also obtain an AVProgram if you have an
          AVFormatContext object, but the version bumps above should cover
      + struct AVEncryptionInitInfo.next.
        - av_encryption_init_info_alloc
        - av_encryption_init_info_get_side_data
      + av_read_image_line2
      + av_thread_message_queue_nb_elems
      + av_write_image_line2
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      d/tests: Update encdec_list.txt · 46bb2210
      James Cowgill authored
      Some regressions have been allowed:
      - The codecs "hap", "magicyuv", "prores", "utvideo" are no longer
        supported in "3g2", "3gp", "dash" and "mp4" containers.
      - The opus codecs have had streamcopying disabled in the dash
        container due to FFmpeg complaining about experimental support.
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