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YouTube has been working great in Tails for years

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[[!toc levels=2]]
Next steps
0. integrate the test reports below and the next steps they suggest as
part of this roadmap
0. wait a bit for [[todo/smtube]] to mature; if
it's acceptable and merged, then perhaps we will consider the
*easier YouTube* task as completed.
0. [[todo/benchmark_YouTube_HTML5_addons]]
0. make audio and video codecs autoplay (so that the Tails web browser
works in a less surprising way, especially for new users; also, the
idea is that when one goes to a page with audio or video objects,
they want to read them more often than not)
* [[todo/Flash_support]]
* [YouTube Video Download for
* [[!tor_bug 3347]]
Test reports
Out-of-the box YouTube support in Tails 0.18
With Tails 0.18, I visited one of the featured videos on youtube which
is <>.
At first it gave me the usual msg flash player, then I added
`&html5=1` on the URL and refreshed the page. It worked as it should
be no issues. After that, most of the videos played out of the box
without the `&html5=1` that where on the right side as
> I can reproduce this with 0.19. However, one still has to
> click-to-play their way through the "Additional plugins [...]"
> message. --intrigeri
From one of them I got the msg "The browser does not currently
recognize any of the video formats available."
Later I entered <> where I verified that
my browser does not support h.264, also I had the msg "You are not
currently in the HTML5 trial." Hope that helps.
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