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Remove notes to prepare the usability tests done in 2015

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**Ticket**: [[!tails_ticket 6860 desc="#6860"]]
People from [Silicon Sentier]( proposed to conduct a
usability testing session on Tails.
The starting point is the fact that FOSS projects too often have poor usability
and are not attractive to potential users. They want to play a role in fixing
this, by building a bridge between the designers, graphics artists, and UI
experts community on the one hand, and the FOSS people on the other hand.
Here are a few exercises that we could propose them:
- On the mockups on the new Tails Greeter, start Tails and end-up in an environment in their favourite language.
- Chat online with someone else in the room.
- What is the security level of this conversation? What would you do to improve it?
- Install software `xyz`.
- TODO: We would need to write documentation for that first
([[!tails_ticket 5685]]).
- Access the internal hard disk.
- TODO: We would need to write documentation for that first
([[!tails_ticket 5636]]).
- Go through the full upgrade mechanism by cloning from others.
- Go through an automatic upgrade.
- Create a document and save it encrypted.
- Find something useful you could do for Tails.
- Create a long-term contextually identity to chat with Tails.
- Connect to a captive portal.
- Report a bug.
- Shutdown Tails.
- Visit a website anonymously.
- Circumvent a firewall.
* We should focus on things *we* can improve. E.g. we can easily
improve Tails Greeter, but we won't redesign Pidgin OTR ourselves.
* Participants to the usability testing session will be first briefed
about what Tails is about, and its main distinguishing properties.
However, one should not assume they are used to handling security
concepts such as contextual identities, anonymity set and all.
- Have UEFI ISO ready for the testing sessions.
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