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We already have a screen locker

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[[!meta title="Screen locker"]]
The screen of a Tails session can be locked through the system menu, or by invoking the tails-screen-locker script directly.
The ticket that tracked this work was [[!tails_ticket 5684]].
This is useful for example for
journalists that want to be able to leave their computer unattended in
their office to go to the toilets for a minute and have their screen
How do other live distributions do that?
- [Knoppix](
- No password whatsoever → not possible to lock (or unlock!)
- Base: Debian
- Desktop: KDE
- Might be interested in our solution.
- [Grml](
- Already have a custom script called
which is a wrapper around vlock that asks for a password on first use.
- Base: Debian
- Desktop: fluxbox
- [Jondo Live](
- Ask for user password on boot, then I didn't find a way of locking the
screen xlock. No xlock.
- Base: Debian
- Desktop: XFCE
- [Kali](
- Lock screen through GNOME and the default 'toor' password.
- Base: Debian
- Desktop: GNOME
- Low interest in our solution as Kali is not mainly used in live environment.
- [Tanglu](
- Lock screen through GNOME and the default 'live' password.
- Base: Debian
- Desktop: GNOME
- [Debian Live](
- Lock screen through GNOME and the default 'live' password.
- Base: Debian
- Desktop: GNOME
Which password to use?
It is already possible to set an administration password from Tails
Greeter, and we could reuse it for unlocking the screen. But we also
need a solution for when no administration password has been set.
During the [[201412 monthly meeting|contribute/meetings/201412/]] we
proposed to prompt for a password before locking the screen for the
first time, if there is no administration password.
How to activate it?
- Through the better power off button (#5322).
- Through the usual GNOME shortcut: Meta+L
- If a password has been set already:
- Automatically after X minutes of idle.
- When closing the lid.
An initial implementation was started in [[!tails_gitweb_branch
feature/better_power_off_button]], and reverted since it turned out to be more
complicated than originally thought. This implementation and the problems
listed below were discussed on the tails-dev ML in November 2012.
Ideas to implement the password prompt before the first locking:
- Use a different PAM config for the screensaver
- Turn the admin password into the root one, and use the user
password's as the locker's one.
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