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<script title="Project Info Center" bgcolor="#336699" fgcolor="#ffffff">
<script title="Información del Proyeutu" bgcolor="#336699" fgcolor="#ffffff">
<img src="line2.png" x="5" y="0"></img>
<text size="6"></text>
<text size="18" align="center" color="#000000">Tux Typing Project Information</text>
<text size="18" align="center" color="#000000">Información del Proyeutu Tux Typing</text>
<text size="6" align="center"></text>
<text size="14" align="center">Please visit one of the TuxType discussion forums at: </text>
<text size="14" align="center">Visita dalgún de los foros de discusión de TuxType en: </text>
<text size="16" align="center"></text>
<text size="16" align="center">mailto:// or irc://freenode/#tux4kids</text>
<text size="6" align="center"></text>
<text size="16" align="center">Tuxtype is brought to you by the good people of tux4kids.</text>
<text size="16" align="center">Tuxtype ye posible gracies a la bona xente de tux4kids.</text>
<text size="6" align="center"></text>
<text size="16" align="center">Our source code repository is located at</text>
<text size="16" align="center">El repositoriu de códigu abiertu ta asitiáu en</text>
<text size="6" align="center"></text>
<text size="16" align="center">Tux Typing was the brainchild of Sam Hart, and was subsequently developed</text>
<text size="16" align="center">by Jesse D. Andrews. The current lead programmer is:</text>
<text size="16" align="center">Tux Typing foi una idea de Sam Hart, desendolcada por</text>
<text size="16" align="center">Jesse D. Andrews. L'actual líder ye:</text>
<text size="16" align="center">David Bruce mailto://</text>
<text size="16" align="center">Please see the AUTHORS file for many others who have contributed significantly.</text>
<text size="16" align="center">Llei'l ficheru AUTHORS pa ver otros munchos contribuidores.</text>
<text size="4" align="center"></text>
<text size="32" align="center" color="#ff003f">BUGS:</text>
<text size="16" align="center">Please forward any bugs or suggestions</text>
<text size="16" align="center">Manda bugs o suxerencies a</text>
<text size="16" align="center">to mailto://</text>
<text size="4" align="center"></text>
<text size="22" align="center" color="#ff7f3f">Tuxtype is GPL licensed Free Software.</text>
<text size="22" align="center" color="#ff7f3f">Please see the COPYING file</text>
<text size="22" align="center" color="#000000">Hit SPACE to CONTINUE!!!</text>
<text size="22" align="center" color="#ff7f3f">Tuxtype ye Software Llibre con llicencia GPL.</text>
<text size="22" align="center" color="#ff7f3f">Llei'l ficheru COPYING</text>
<text size="22" align="center" color="#000000">¡¡¡Calca espaciu pa siguir!!!</text>
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