Commit c4a75bf6 authored by David Bruce's avatar David Bruce

Update of media - now completely DFSG-compliant, no need for separate...

Update of media - now completely DFSG-compliant, no need for separate "tuxtype-data-nonfree" package.

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parent 7cc1b39a
......@@ -62,4 +62,3 @@ image is royalty free from same places as *cas*.gif files above
are. But what's significant about it is that it's a special hidden
background level. Simply use "tuxtype --hidden" to use it as the
default background for level 4 on each difficulty level! Enjoy! ;)
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ dist_sounds_DATA = tuxi.ogg \
bite.wav \
buzz.wav \
cheer.wav \
chiptune2.ogg \
excuseme.wav \
explosion.wav \
harp.wav \
12 Sep 2009 ( - revision 1532)
[ David Bruce <> ]
- Media - new music files and backgrounds contributed by Caroline Ford,
some old sounds (the ones with suboptimal free licensing) removed - Tux
Typing is now 100% DFSG-compliant. Relevant's adapted.
- playgame.c adapted to use new music files.
10 Sep 2009 ( - revision 1504)
[ Matthew Trey <> ]
- Scripting - added code so the script parser recognizes comments in
......@@ -17,10 +17,6 @@ As you can see, the ideas are similar for both programs.
Apart from GSoC, both programs need ongoing code cleanup, especially tuxtype. Also, tuxtype could benefit greatly at this point from a refresh of things other than the C code itself - high-resolution backgrounds, completion of rest of menu sprite icons, more word lists and phrase files, etc.
-Replace the five remaining files which are non-free accoring to
Debians Free Software Guidelines with free ones. click.wav and
kmus(1-4).wav are only free for non-commercial use.
-check that SVN is free of generated files. create release-script,
......@@ -212,8 +212,11 @@ int PlayCascade(int diflevel)
if (settings.sys_sound)
//TODO make use of more music files
if(rand() % 2)
sprintf(filename, "amidst_the_raindrops.ogg");
// sprintf(filename, "kmus%i.wav", curlevel + 1);
sprintf(filename, "chiptune2.ogg");
MusicLoad( filename, -1 );
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