Commit d3bfff2d authored by David Bruce's avatar David Bruce

cleanup/audit of alphabet.c for potential ptr-related segfaults.

fix of error in drawing of fourth row of keyboard in practice activity

git-svn-id: svn:// 47d30e19-490b-0410-9d18-e851f4e465b3
parent 48d13a93
22 Feb 2009 svn revision 903
[ David Bruce <> ]
- lots of general code cleanup to eliminate most of the compiler warnings,
including removal of remaining incorrect uses of "unsigned char".
- addition of "make dist_with_fonts_bzip2" target to help support OpenSUSE
build service integration.
- beginning of VERSIOM "1.7.4.preview"
- cleanup of alphabet.c with addition of pointer safety checks and fix of
"off-by-one" drawing error in fourth row of keyboard hints graphic.
08 Feb 2009
[ David Bruce <> ]
- cleanup of wchar_t <--> UTF-8 conversion wrapper functions. These are now
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