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Tux Typing 1.8.0
9 Nov 2009
Tux Typing 1.8.1
24 Feb 2010
NOTE - this document is reasonably correct but not completely current.
It will updated as the maintainer's time allows. For GNU/Linux users, you
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ Previous Project Manager:
Jacob Greig <>
Jesse Andrews <>
Matthew Trey <>
Matthew Trey <>
Original Windows Port by:
Olivier Dagenais <>
Windows Crossbuild by:
......@@ -36,6 +36,10 @@ without privileges to write to C:\Program Files).
4. The installer will create menu entries and a desktop icon for Tux
Typing if permissions allow.
Cross-building the Win32 Installer Package on a Linux Host:
Please read the COPYING.TXT file for the copyright for Tux Typing,
and read the SDL-COPYING.TXT file for the copyright information for
SDL. Basically, this software is open-source and free-software.
......@@ -19,9 +19,9 @@ An Educational Typing Tutor Game Starring Tux, the Linux Penguin
Additional information on this subject is covered in "HowToTheme.html"
in the "doc/en" directory of this package.
(Updated 03 Nov 2009)
(Updated 24 Feb 2010)
This is version 1.8.0 of Tux Typing.
This is version 1.8.1 of Tux Typing.
In Fish Cascade you control Tux as he searches for fish to eat. Fish fall
from the top of the screen. These fish have letters on them. Unforunately
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