Commit e08afb8d authored by martin f. krafft's avatar martin f. krafft

english translation of init7 sponsor entry

parent 833d9186
......@@ -75,6 +75,22 @@
href="merchandise/">select Debian merchandise</a>. All profits go
to the Debian Project without deductions.</p>
<h3>Init Seven AG</h3>
<a href=""><img class="sponsor-logo"
src="img/init7.png" width="160" height="40" alt="Init7 Logo"
title="Init Seven AG" /></a>
<p><a href="">Init Seven AG</a> provide hosting and
connectivity to the machine serving this web page. This is an
important contribution to the Debian Project in Switzerland.</p>
<p>Init7 themselves use Debian internally, and we hope to keep developing our system in their interest.</p>
<p>We would like to thank Init7 for their support.</p>
<p>According to § 4 of our <a href="statuten.pdf">bylaws (in
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