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NOTE: see also CONTRIBUTORS.txt for a list of developers of important
portions of the code and CREDITS.txt for a list of people who
contributed with hints, patches and so on.

AUTHOR: Davide Alberani

e-mail: or
IMDbPY page:
my homepage: (Italian)
my cine-blog: (Italian)
Jabber ID: (I'm on-line only from time to time)
ICQ UIN:	83641305 (nick 'Mad77') (I'm on-line only from time to time)
PGP KeyID:	0x465BFD47 (the key is available in my homepage and
				through every keyserver)

Sometimes (very seldom) you can find me in IRC on channels #python,
#linux-it and so on over with the nick 'Mad77'.

Feel free to contact me for any ideas, bug reports and everything else. :-)