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      setup.py: Fix gbp problem when installed with pip · 7bba6575
      Kiss György authored
      when installed with "pip install gbp" it will be installed as version "0.0"
      because the released version doesn't have a debian/changelog file, so it will
      be installed with a warning:
      balabit-bbos-tools 1.0.0 has requirement gbp==0.9.8, but you'll have gbp 0.0 which is incompatible.
      and will cause an Exception when using gbp from a setuptools entrypoint script:
        File "/home/walkman/stew/projects/platform/source/balabit-os-tools/.venv/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pkg_resources/__init__.py", line 574, in _build_master
        File "/home/walkman/stew/projects/platform/source/balabit-os-tools/.venv/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pkg_resources/__init__.py", line 892, in require
          needed = self.resolve(parse_requirements(requirements))
        File "/home/walkman/stew/projects/platform/source/balabit-os-tools/.venv/lib/python3.6/site-packages/pkg_resources/__init__.py", line 783, in resolve
          raise VersionConflict(dist, req).with_context(dependent_req)
      pkg_resources.ContextualVersionConflict: (gbp 0.0 (/home/walkman/stew/projects/platform/source/balabit-os-tools/.venv/lib/python3.6/site-packages), Requirement.parse('gbp==0.9.8'), {'requiresgbp'})
      This is because pkg_resources checks every dependency version and if it doesn't
      match with the egg-info, it raises this Exception.
      Instead, we try to parse the debian/changelog first, then load the version, or
      if the debian/changelog file doesn't exists (this is the case at pip install)
      we read the gbp/version.py and parse the version from it.
      There is a "round trip check", which means the parsed version is written, then
      it will be read back immediately to see if there is any problem.
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      builpackage-rpm: Use GBP_TMP_DIR instead f GBP_BUILD_DIR · caa586a1
      Guido Günther authored
      This is consistent with --git-post-export and unbreaks
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      buildpackage{,-rpm}: add preexport hook · ce6b1e75
      Luca Boccassi authored
      Sometimes it is necessary to perform operations before preparing the
      tarballs and exporting to the build directory.
      One such case is when having to handle extremely large binary assets in
      the orig tarball and at the same time complex packaging code, which
      makes it desirable to separate the two into different repositories for
      easier handling.
      A pre-export hook allows to ensure that the tarball repository is
      present and checked out at the correct branch.
      Closes: #909266
      Signed-off-by: Luca Boccassi's avatarLuca Boccassi <bluca@debian.org>
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