Upgrading to GitLab 11.11.0.

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    • Guido Günther's avatar
      PatchSeries: Only pass patch description and header to git-mailinfo · 1994bb27
      Guido Günther authored
      There are patches around that use
      Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
      but the actual patch after '---' is unencoded ascii resulting in garbage
      after the patch description when imported into a patch queue.
      Since we're discarding the patch part of git-mailinfo anyway don't pass
      this on in the first place.
      Closes: #912426
  5. 28 Oct, 2018 1 commit
    • Luca Boccassi's avatar
      buildpackage{,-rpm}: add preexport hook · ce6b1e75
      Luca Boccassi authored
      Sometimes it is necessary to perform operations before preparing the
      tarballs and exporting to the build directory.
      One such case is when having to handle extremely large binary assets in
      the orig tarball and at the same time complex packaging code, which
      makes it desirable to separate the two into different repositories for
      easier handling.
      A pre-export hook allows to ensure that the tarball repository is
      present and checked out at the correct branch.
      Closes: #909266
      Signed-off-by: Luca Boccassi's avatarLuca Boccassi <bluca@debian.org>
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    • Iain Lane's avatar
      Ignore merge commits when looking at the pristine-tar branch · 5fedb2ba
      Iain Lane authored
      When there is a merge commit in this branch, we currently get the
        gbp:warning: Unknown compression type of Merge branch 'pristine-tar' into 'pristine-tar', assuming gzip
      because we're grepping the commit logs to find out the compression type
      of the tarballs in there.
      For now, we can just use `git log ... --no-merges' to not see these
      Signed-off-by: Guido Günther's avatarGuido Günther <agx@sigxcpu.org>
      Closes: #906331
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    • Guido Günther's avatar
      Turn on several threads when creating xz/lzma tarballs · fd81e454
      Guido Günther authored
      and not using pristine-tar.
      Gives a 50% speedup on my machine:
      $ time gbp export-orig --no-pristine-tar --force-create
      gbp:info: Creating thunderbird_52.6.0.orig.tar.xz from 'upstream/52.6.0'
      gbp:info: Creating additional tarball 'thunderbird_52.6.0.orig-thunderbird-l10n.tar.xz' from 'dea43c2b49f11d68f05edac2bd9d6c5d1e1f4bcb'
      gbp:info: Creating additional tarball 'thunderbird_52.6.0.orig-lightning-l10n.tar.xz' from '9adcd261726ccb160c4fd6947f7cbfe9df2e581b'
      real	8m27,153s
      user	7m23,717s
      sys	0m3,015s
      0|agx@bogon:/var/scratch/debian/icedove/icedove (debian/wheezy)$ time gbp-from-sourcetree export-orig --no-pristine-tar --force-create
      gbp:info: Creating thunderbird_52.6.0.orig.tar.xz from 'upstream/52.6.0'
      gbp:info: Creating additional tarball 'thunderbird_52.6.0.orig-thunderbird-l10n.tar.xz' from 'dea43c2b49f11d68f05edac2bd9d6c5d1e1f4bcb'
      gbp:info: Creating additional tarball 'thunderbird_52.6.0.orig-lightning-l10n.tar.xz' from '9adcd261726ccb160c4fd6947f7cbfe9df2e581b'
      real	4m3,080s
      user	11m18,733s
      sys	0m3,499s
      Thanks: Carsten Schönert for the suggestion
      Closes: #888572
    • Guido Günther's avatar
      gbplogtaster: capture INFO and DEBUG log levels too · 5f2120b3
      Guido Günther authored
      This allows to test for certain features more easily and to
      use it not only in the error case.
      Using two different streams allows us to test that messages still
      end up on stderr or stdout correctly.
    • Markus Lehtonen's avatar
      buildpackage-rpm: support setting the 'VCS:' tag in spec · 393edba3
      Markus Lehtonen authored
      Now gbp buildpackage-rpm is able to update the 'VCS:' tag in the exported
      spec file. A new config option 'spec-vcs-tag' controls the format:
      - if empty, no 'VCS' tag is inserted and possible old 'VCS' tag is
      - otherwise, a 'VCS' tag is inserted or the old 'VCS' tag is updated
      The spec-vcs-tag is a format string which supports the following
      - '%(commit)' expands to the full commit sha1
      - '%(commitish)' expands to the sha1 of the exported object (commit or
      - '%(tagname)s' expands to the long tag name (from git-describe)
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarMarkus Lehtonen <markus.lehtonen@linux.intel.com>
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