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    Refresh build script: · 27f5b69c
    Kai-Chung Yan (Deprecated) authored
      * Install AndroidConfig.h into multiarch path
      * Simplify makefiles
      * Don't specify working directories for makefiles
      * Rename android-archconfig-dev to android-androidconfig-dev
      * New libraries: libadb, libbase
      * Install docs for liblog, adb, libadb, fastboot, libnativehelper, libutils
      * Remove libzipfile (removed from upstream)
      * Set package priority: extra => optional
      * Replace cc, c++, ar to $(CC), $(CXX), $(AR)
      * New patch disable_android_set_abort_message.diff
      * New patch add_missing_headers.diff
      * New patch use_separated_cutils_atomic.diff
      * Move SDK home to /usr/lib/android-sdk: /usr/share cannot contain
        arch-specific binaries
      * Install adb and fastboot to SDK home
      * Add d/.gitignore
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