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    git-debrebase: Split into its own package · 93c90551
    Ian Jackson authored
    * Provide and use Debian::Dgit::GDR which does the same for @INC as
      Debian::Dgit:Infra, only for GDR.  It's not *entirely* similar as
      its doc comment talks about ExitStatus too.
    * In Makefile, split off lots of GDR_* variables and the
      two targets install-gdr and installdirs-gdr
      We take no care that only the required manpages are built for
      each install target; instead, they all go in MANPAGES and `all'.
    * Add a control file stanza.  git-debrebase takes over the dependenc
      on libfile-fnmatch-perl.  We Recommend dgit and gbp.  (Even though
      if you're working with neither the Debian archive nor `3.0 (quilt)',
      you need neither.)
    * In rules, add specpkg_install_gdr, to run the Makefile machinery.
    * In the test dependencies, GDR now means to ask for git-debrebase and
      also git-buildpackage (for make-patches).  libfile-fnmatch-perl is
      handled via the dependencies of git-debrebase.deb.
    * Add a .gitignore for the staging area in debian/
    Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson's avatarIan Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
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