Commit 59963a27 authored by Ian Jackson's avatar Ian Jackson Split here doc for reflog cache commit message (nfc)

This will make the translation markup auditable.
Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson's avatarIan Jackson <>
parent 73806a4b
......@@ -737,12 +737,13 @@ sub reflog_cache_insert ($$$) {
# git update-ref doesn't always update, in this case. *sigh*
my $authline = (ucfirst _us()).
' <'._us().'> 1000000000 +0000';
my $dummy = make_commit_text <<END;
my $dummy = make_commit_text <<ENDU.<<END;
tree $tree
parent $value
author $authline
committer $authline
Dummy commit - do not use
runcmd qw(git update-ref -m), _us()." - dummy", $ref, $dummy;
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