Commit b52ed63f authored by Ian Jackson's avatar Ian Jackson

git-debrebase: Delete some obsolete NOTES

Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson's avatarIan Jackson <>
parent 39ae9e05
someone should set branch.<name>.mergeOptions to include --ff-only ?
arrange for dgit to automatically stitch on push
dgit push usually needs to (re)make a pseudomerge. The "first"
git-debrebase stripped out the previous pseudomerge and could
remembeed the old HEAD. But the user has to manually stitch it.
To fix this, do we need a new push hook for dgit ?
git-debrebase blah [implies start] strips pseudomerge(s)
commit / git-debrebase / etc.
dgit --damp-run push
hook: call git-debrebase prep-push dgit push does not update remote
or something, must add patches at least
commit / git-debrebase / etc. strips patches
dgit push
hook: call git-debrebase prep-push dgit push DOES update remote
commit / git-debrebase / etc. strips last pm, but arranges
that remade pm will incorporate it
# problems / outstanding questions:
# * dgit push with a `3.0 (quilt)' package means doing quilt
# fixup. Usually this involves recommitting the whole patch
# series, one at a time, with dpkg-source --commit. This is
# terribly terribly slow. (Maybe this should be fixed in dgit.)
# * Workflow is currently clumsy. Lots of spurious runes to type.
# There's not even a guide.
# * new-upstream has an awkward UI for multiple upstream pieces.
# You end up with giant runic command lines. Does this matter /
# One consequence of the lack of richness it can need -f in
......@@ -118,38 +78,6 @@ When we do a thing
We check we are ff from remotes before recording new ffq-prev
---------- now follows much the same info in different words ----------
Re git-debrebase [--noop-ok] stitch
we will teach dgit to do
git-debrebase stitch
or some such ?
following parts are not implemented and maybe aren't the
best subcommand names etc.
3. git-debrebase push
like git push only does stitch first
??? command line parsing!
4. git-debrebase release
stiches, finalises changelog, signs tags, pushes everything
for the future, when there is some automatic builder
import from gbp
what about dgit view branch ?
ideally, would make pseudomerge over dgit view
would need to check that dgit view is actually dgit view of
ond of our ancestors
failing that first push will need --overwrite
that is what is currently implemented
how to handle divergence and merges (if not detected soon enough)
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