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    Add support for migration tests · fd88a74d
    Antonio Terceiro authored
    A migration is a test run test where you want to check if package X can
    be migrated from suite A (e.g. Debian unstable) to suite B (e.g. Debian
    testing). In this case, you run the tests on a base test bed from suite
    B, but add APT sources for suite A and pin the packages you want to
    migrate to be obtained from there. This can be used to test either new
    versions of package X itself, or packages that depend on it.
    Beying unstable → testing migration, this can also be used to test
    security updates, backports, etc.
    debci-test, and debci-enqueue can now take two extra options:
    --trigger: specifies the reason why this test is being performed. For
    debci, this is just a string and has no special meaning. This string is
    stored together with the test artifacts, and will also eventually be
    displayed in JSON data, and in the UI.
    --pin-packages=RELEASE=pkg,src:pkg. Adds APT sources for RELEASE, and
    pins the specified packages to be obtained from RELEASE. `src:pkg`
    expand to all binary packages from source package `pkg`. This requires
    autopkgtest >= 5.1.
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