Commit cce2f560 authored by Antonio Terceiro's avatar Antonio Terceiro

update TODO list

parent 7eaef914
......@@ -45,3 +45,22 @@
[_] generate a dd-list of failing packages
[_] graceful degradation for user with JS disabled
: or generate only static HTML
[_] record reason for the test being run
: <zack> jcristau: does satisfy
: release team need about knowing which packages pass/fail
: autopkgtest?
: <jcristau> i think we need to be able to know when something changed from
: pass to fail
: <nthykier> zack: terceiro: I think we need to know why the test was run as
: well (ie. "new version of the package" vs. "retest because it
: is an rdep of X, which got a new version")
: [...]
: <nthykier> terceiro: zack: Re: the output - I
: already mentioned that I believed we needed the "blame" in the
: output (i.e. which package is to blame for this failure).
: Come to think of it, it will probably need to "remember" the
: blame across fails so the blame is not reassigned)
[_] procenv
: <doko> and could you run procenv after setting up the chroot?
: <doko> my experience is that a lot of time goes into setting up the
: environement and understanding the env
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