Commit ffc7e145 authored by Antonio Terceiro's avatar Antonio Terceiro

TODO.otl: remove items that are already done

parent e6e7675e
......@@ -2,9 +2,6 @@
[_] first adt-run execution will sometimes hang
: waiting for gpg key generation due to low entropy
[_] add timeout to guard against unbehaving test suites
[_] support for blacklisting packages
[X] write the code
[_] blacklist pyzmq: for some reason it is crashing the entire run
[_] add a postrm to remove all traces on package purge
[_] remove data directory
[_] remove schroot setup
......@@ -17,12 +14,6 @@
: maybe the cleanest solution is going full virtualization with kvm or at
: least a lxc container instead of chroots despite how good schroot is.
[_] publish atom feeds
[_] global status changes: daily, weekly, monthly
: which packages started to tail their tests, which packages started
: passing their tests.
[_] package status changes: daily, weekly, monthly
: status changes
[_] notity test suite status changes to fedmsg
[_] investigate random download failures
: e.g.
......@@ -33,7 +24,6 @@
: <doko> and could you run procenv after setting up the chroot?
: <doko> my experience is that a lot of time goes into setting up the
: environement and understanding the env
[_] setup a BTS !!
[_] also test packages from experimenal
[_] list largest log files
[_] list longest duration between test jobs
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