Commit 3c7567a5 authored by David Kalnischkies's avatar David Kalnischkies

edsp: ask policy engine for the pin of the version directly

parent 9b8034a9
......@@ -65,13 +65,9 @@ static void WriteScenarioVersion(pkgDepCache &Cache, FILE* output, pkgCache::Pkg
fprintf(output, "Multi-Arch: foreign\n");
else if ((Ver->MultiArch & pkgCache::Version::Same) == pkgCache::Version::Same)
fprintf(output, "Multi-Arch: same\n");
signed short Pin = std::numeric_limits<signed short>::min();
std::set<string> Releases;
for (pkgCache::VerFileIterator I = Ver.FileList(); I.end() == false; ++I) {
pkgCache::PkgFileIterator File = I.File();
signed short const p = Cache.GetPolicy().GetPriority(File);
if (Pin < p)
Pin = p;
if (File.Flagged(pkgCache::Flag::NotSource) == false) {
string Release = File.RelStr();
if (!Release.empty())
......@@ -83,7 +79,7 @@ static void WriteScenarioVersion(pkgDepCache &Cache, FILE* output, pkgCache::Pkg
for (std::set<string>::iterator R = Releases.begin(); R != Releases.end(); ++R)
fprintf(output, " %s\n", R->c_str());
fprintf(output, "APT-Pin: %d\n", Pin);
fprintf(output, "APT-Pin: %d\n", Cache.GetPolicy().GetPriority(Ver));
if (Cache.GetCandidateVersion(Pkg) == Ver)
fprintf(output, "APT-Candidate: yes\n");
if ((Cache[Pkg].Flags & pkgCache::Flag::Auto) == pkgCache::Flag::Auto)
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