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      Add explicit message for unsupported binary signature · 3e3638dc
      David Kalnischkies authored
      Verifying the content of Release.gpg made us fail on binary signatures
      which were never officially supported (apt-secure manpage only documents
      only the generation of ASCII armored), but silently accepted by gpgv as
      we passed it on unchecked before.
      The binary format is complex and is itself split into old and new
      formats so adding support for this would not only add lots of code but
      also a good opportunity for bugs and dubious benefit.
      Reporting this issue explicitly should help repository creators figure
      out the problem faster than the default NODATA message hinting at
      captive portals.
      Given that the binary format has no file magic or any other clear and
      simple indication that this is a detached signature we guess based on
      the first two bits only – and by that only supporting the "old" binary
      format which seems to be the only one generated by gnupg in this case.
      References: e2965b0b
      Closes: #921685
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