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    dpkg status parsing: check if name is valid before use · df2d6149
    David Kalnischkies authored
    The summary line sounds a bit much: what we end up doing is just adding
    two more guards before using results which should always be valid.
    That these values aren't valid is likely a bug in itself somewhere, but
    that is no reason for crashing.
......@@ -653,7 +653,13 @@ void pkgDPkgPM::ProcessDpkgStatusLine(char *line)
// At this point we have a pkgname, but it might not be arch-qualified !
if (pkgname.find(":") == std::string::npos)
pkgCache::GrpIterator Grp = Cache.FindGrp(pkgname);
pkgCache::GrpIterator const Grp = Cache.FindGrp(pkgname);
if (unlikely(Grp.end()== true))
if (Debug == true)
std::clog << "unable to figure out which package is dpkg referring to with '" << pkgname << "'! (0)" << std::endl;
/* No arch means that dpkg believes there can only be one package
this can refer to so lets see what could be candidates here: */
std::vector<pkgCache::PkgIterator> candset;
......@@ -729,7 +735,16 @@ void pkgDPkgPM::ProcessDpkgStatusLine(char *line)
if (PackageOps[fullname].size() != PackageOpsDone[fullname])
pkgname = std::move(fullname);
pkgname = std::find_if_not(candset.begin(), candset.end(), PkgHasCurrentVersion)->FullName();
auto const pkgi = std::find_if_not(candset.begin(), candset.end(), PkgHasCurrentVersion);
if (unlikely(pkgi == candset.end()))
if (Debug == true)
std::clog << "situation for '" << pkgname << "' looked like a crossgrade, but all are installed?!" << std::endl;
pkgname = pkgi->FullName();
// we are desperate: so "just" take the native one, but that might change mid-air,
// so we have to ask dpkg what it believes native is at the moment… all the time