Commit 34b68da0 authored by Michael Vogt's avatar Michael Vogt

Fix pep8 test failure with latest pep8

Git-Dch: ignore
parent e004eec1
......@@ -6,13 +6,13 @@ import apt
def show_help():
print ("apt %s compiled on %s %s" % (apt_pkg.VERSION,
print("apt %s compiled on %s %s" % (apt_pkg.VERSION,
apt_pkg.DATE, apt_pkg.TIME))
if apt_pkg.config.find_b("version"):
return 0
# Copied from apt-cdrom
print ("Usage: apt-cdrom [options] command\n"
print("Usage: apt-cdrom [options] command\n"
"apt-cdrom is a tool to add CDROM's to APT's source list. The\n"
"CDROM mount point and device information is taken from apt.conf\n"
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