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    Nissan Leaf Integration (Carwings / NissanConnect EV) (#19786) · 656d39e3
    Phil Cole authored
    * Added work so far.
    * Change interval so nobody drains their battery when I put this online
    * Added the warning notice.
    * Async setup
    * Still broken, but we're getting there.
    * Back to synchronous, moved refresh stuff into DataStore
    * Functional sensors!
    * Added working switches, tweaked intervals a bit
    * Fixed turn off result
    * Moved plug status to binary_sensor, added smart intervals
    * Documentation and car nickname stuff
    * Syntax fixes and coveragerc additions
    * Style fixes
    * Fixing the final line length
    * Fixed an issue with newer models and bad climate data
    * Forgot to check my line endings.
    * New icons for most of the components
    * Hotfix for handling Nissan's awful servers
    * Merge in fixes made by Phil Cole
    Remove invalid FIXMEs and update TODOs
    Fixes for pylint and test for CarwingsError exception rather than Exception
    Flake8 fixes
    Add pycarwings2 to requirements_all.txt
    Add extra configuration documentation.
    Use pycarwings2 from pip. Check server dates between requests.
    Add sensor device class for battery.
    Async conversion fixes
    flake8 fixes and docstrings
    Non-async charging is OK
    Handle multiple cars in the configuration
    Convert to async. Better imports for platforms
    Fix scanning interval & prevent extra refreshes.  async switchover
    Check discovery_info to prevent load of platforms
    Ensure update frequency is always above a minimum interval (1 min).
    Platforms don't have return values
    Use values() instead of items() when not using key
    Use snake_case (LeafCore becomes leaf_core)
    commit 418b6bbcc49cf2909aac85869440435410abf3fd
    * Add pycarwings2 to requirements_all.txt
    * Make stopping charge error an 'info'. Remove TODO.
    * Request update from car after sending start charging command.
    * Delay initial (slow) update for 15 seconds and make async
    * Flake8 line length fixes
    * Try to fix D401 'imperative mood' git diff tox errors
    * Try to fix more D401 'imperative mood' tox errors
    * Default interval of an hour in code, to match comments.
    * Update to pycarwings2 2.3
    * Update to pycarwings2 2.3 in requirements_all.txt
    * Remove documentation, instead refering to home-assistant.io
    * Remove unneeded dispatcher_send()
    * Remove unneeded requirements comments
    * Combine excess debugging.
    * Remove single line method signal_components()
    * Bump to version 2.4 of pycarwings2
    * Remove unused dispatcher_send
    * Simplify logging of LeafEntity registration
    * Update requirements_all.txt
    * Multiple changes
    Increase timeout to 30 seconds
    Only consider battery_status
    Fix plugged in status
    Better attempts at try/exception handling
    * Fix line length
    * Use pycarwings 2.5
    * Remove pointless 'is True'
    * Remove unnecessary 'is True/False'
    * Remove unnecessary 'is True/False'
    * Remove excess logging in setup_platform()
    * Remove unnecessary 'is True'
    * Use pycarwings2 version 2.6
    * Require pycarwings2 version 2.7.
    * Increase sleep delay for climate and location reponses.
    * Remove unnecessary 'is True'
    * Increase frequent polling warning to _LOGGER.warning()
    * Remove extraneous 'is True'.
    * Move icon strings to constants.
    * Remove unneeded key.
    * LeafRangeSensor ac_on property is internal.
    * Flake8 missing line
    * Remove homebridge attributes.
    * Remove round battery % and range to whole numbers
    * Use pycarwings2 2.8
    * Move to embedded component model
    * Reduce maximum attempts to 10 (5 mins)
    * Include attempt count in 'waiting' log message
    * Use await instead of yield. Remove @asyncio.coroutine decorators.
    * Add @filcole as nissan_leaf codeowner
    * Fix checking for if not data returned from vehicle. Don't double send signal on location update.
    * Exposed updated_on, update_in_progress and next_update attributes.
    * Add nissan_leaf.update service that triggers an update.
    * Flake8 line fixes
    * Remove excess and double logging.
    * Add updated_on attribute for device tracker.
    * Fix crash if pycarwings2 doesn't provide cruising ranges.
    * Minor changes
    * Minor changes
    * Minor changes
    * Minor changes
    * Minor changes