1. 17 Feb, 2019 13 commits
  2. 16 Feb, 2019 8 commits
  3. 15 Feb, 2019 19 commits
    • Aaron Bach's avatar
      Bump aioambient to 0.1.2 (#21098) · 539d24dd
      Aaron Bach authored
    • Phil Hawthorne's avatar
      Set uvloop version consistent with hass.io (#21080) · 9203ae20
      Phil Hawthorne authored
      This sets the uvloop version in Docker containers to 0.11.3, which is the
      same version that hass.io uses.
      uvloop might be causing issues with some Docker containers on some host
      systems, as reported in #20829
    • David F. Mulcahey's avatar
      Set ZHA device availability on new join (#21066) · 3a6a2467
      David F. Mulcahey authored
      * set availability on device join
      * fix new join test
    • Paulus Schoutsen's avatar
      Updated frontend to 20190215.0 · f7a60274
      Paulus Schoutsen authored
    • Paulus Schoutsen's avatar
      Update pychromecast (#21097) · 05808afe
      Paulus Schoutsen authored
    • Otto Winter's avatar
      Add persistent notification · 06f2aa93
      Otto Winter authored
    • Jason Hu's avatar
      Refactor http CachingStaticResource (#21062) · 46efc0ea
      Jason Hu authored
      * Simplify http.CachingStaticResource implementation
      * Sync up CachingStaticResource._handle() implementation from aiohttp
      * Ignore pylint duplicate-base warning
      * Try to disable pylint for http/static.py
      Caused by https://github.com/PyCQA/astroid/issues/633#issuecomment-463879288
      * Remove pylint ignore
      * Ignore pylint duplicate-base warning
    • Andrew Sayre's avatar
      Config Entry migrations (#20888) · 383813bf
      Andrew Sayre authored
      * Updated per review feedback.
      * Fixed line length
      * Review comments and lint error
      * Fixed mypy typeing error
      * Moved migration logic to setup
      * Use new migration error state
      * Fix bug and ignore mypy type error
      * Removed SmartThings example and added unit tests.
      * Fixed test comments.
    • Paulus Schoutsen's avatar
      Fix hue retry crash (#21083) · 1130ccb3
      Paulus Schoutsen authored
      * Fix Hue retry crash
      * Fix hue retry crash
      * Fix tests
    • Andrew Sayre's avatar
      SmartThings Component Enhancements/Fixes (#21085) · 93f84a5c
      Andrew Sayre authored
      * Improve component setup error logging/notification
      * Prevent capabilities from being represented my multiple platforms
      * Improved logging of received updates
      * Updates based on review feedback
    • Jonas Pedersen's avatar
      Add switch platform for Danfoss Air and additional sensors. (#21046) · 7d0f847f
      Jonas Pedersen authored
      * Add switch platform for Danfoss Air and additional sensors.
      * Solve lint issues.
      * Correct style.
      * Minor changes
      * Minor changes
      * Minor changes
      * Update file header
      * Remove space
      * Remove space
    • Phil Cole's avatar
      Nissan Leaf Integration (Carwings / NissanConnect EV) (#19786) · 656d39e3
      Phil Cole authored
      * Added work so far.
      * Change interval so nobody drains their battery when I put this online
      * Added the warning notice.
      * Async setup
      * Still broken, but we're getting there.
      * Back to synchronous, moved refresh stuff into DataStore
      * Functional sensors!
      * Added working switches, tweaked intervals a bit
      * Fixed turn off result
      * Moved plug status to binary_sensor, added smart intervals
      * Documentation and car nickname stuff
      * Syntax fixes and coveragerc additions
      * Style fixes
      * Fixing the final line length
      * Fixed an issue with newer models and bad climate data
      * Forgot to check my line endings.
      * New icons for most of the components
      * Hotfix for handling Nissan's awful servers
      * Merge in fixes made by Phil Cole
      Remove invalid FIXMEs and update TODOs
      Fixes for pylint and test for CarwingsError exception rather than Exception
      Flake8 fixes
      Add pycarwings2 to requirements_all.txt
      Add extra configuration documentation.
      Use pycarwings2 from pip. Check server dates between requests.
      Add sensor device class for battery.
      Async conversion fixes
      flake8 fixes and docstrings
      Non-async charging is OK
      Handle multiple cars in the configuration
      Convert to async. Better imports for platforms
      Fix scanning interval & prevent extra refreshes.  async switchover
      Check discovery_info to prevent load of platforms
      Ensure update frequency is always above a minimum interval (1 min).
      Platforms don't have return values
      Use values() instead of items() when not using key
      Use snake_case (LeafCore becomes leaf_core)
      commit 418b6bbcc49cf2909aac85869440435410abf3fd
      * Add pycarwings2 to requirements_all.txt
      * Make stopping charge error an 'info'. Remove TODO.
      * Request update from car after sending start charging command.
      * Delay initial (slow) update for 15 seconds and make async
      * Flake8 line length fixes
      * Try to fix D401 'imperative mood' git diff tox errors
      * Try to fix more D401 'imperative mood' tox errors
      * Default interval of an hour in code, to match comments.
      * Update to pycarwings2 2.3
      * Update to pycarwings2 2.3 in requirements_all.txt
      * Remove documentation, instead refering to home-assistant.io
      * Remove unneeded dispatcher_send()
      * Remove unneeded requirements comments
      * Combine excess debugging.
      * Remove single line method signal_components()
      * Bump to version 2.4 of pycarwings2
      * Remove unused dispatcher_send
      * Simplify logging of LeafEntity registration
      * Update requirements_all.txt
      * Multiple changes
      Increase timeout to 30 seconds
      Only consider battery_status
      Fix plugged in status
      Better attempts at try/exception handling
      * Fix line length
      * Use pycarwings 2.5
      * Remove pointless 'is True'
      * Remove unnecessary 'is True/False'
      * Remove unnecessary 'is True/False'
      * Remove excess logging in setup_platform()
      * Remove unnecessary 'is True'
      * Use pycarwings2 version 2.6
      * Require pycarwings2 version 2.7.
      * Increase sleep delay for climate and location reponses.
      * Remove unnecessary 'is True'
      * Increase frequent polling warning to _LOGGER.warning()
      * Remove extraneous 'is True'.
      * Move icon strings to constants.
      * Remove unneeded key.
      * LeafRangeSensor ac_on property is internal.
      * Flake8 missing line
      * Remove homebridge attributes.
      * Remove round battery % and range to whole numbers
      * Use pycarwings2 2.8
      * Move to embedded component model
      * Reduce maximum attempts to 10 (5 mins)
      * Include attempt count in 'waiting' log message
      * Use await instead of yield. Remove @asyncio.coroutine decorators.
      * Add @filcole as nissan_leaf codeowner
      * Fix checking for if not data returned from vehicle. Don't double send signal on location update.
      * Exposed updated_on, update_in_progress and next_update attributes.
      * Add nissan_leaf.update service that triggers an update.
      * Flake8 line fixes
      * Remove excess and double logging.
      * Add updated_on attribute for device tracker.
      * Fix crash if pycarwings2 doesn't provide cruising ranges.
      * Minor changes
      * Minor changes
      * Minor changes
      * Minor changes
      * Minor changes
    • Klaudiusz Staniek's avatar
      Times of The Day Binary Sensor (#20068) · 7b194282
      Klaudiusz Staniek authored
      * First commit
      * Times of the Day binary sensor added
      * Python 3.5 fixes and logging removed
      * Code refactored according to reviewer's suggestions
      * Fixed config template with friendly name support
      * Finall pep8 fixes
      * Removed async_generate_entity_id and moved initial calculation to async_added_to_hass
      * Change the configuration schema to follow the current requirements
      * Update according latest suggestsion
      * Fix typos and minor changes
      * Fix lint issue
    • Fredrik Erlandsson's avatar
      Point alarm control (#20972) · f3786e2f
      Fredrik Erlandsson authored
      * initial working example of alarm_control
      * fixes for alarm_control
      * arm home is the same as arm away
      * updated documentation
      * final fixes
      * pypoint version up
      * fixes for Martin
    • Eliran Turgeman's avatar
      Fix "Unable to find entity" at Waze component (#21087) · b44ff38f
      Eliran Turgeman authored
      Should fix https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/20953 
      (Unable to create this issue on my HA platform)
    • Fabian Affolter's avatar
      Meteo france (#21065) · eb573c27
      Fabian Affolter authored
      * Move files
      * Move file
      * Update .coveragerc
      * Sort import and update file header
      * Minor changes
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      Lint · f6ae054e
      Otto Winter authored
    • Otto Winter's avatar
      Fix tests · b7607ff4
      Otto Winter authored
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