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Update documentation and bugs URLs

We're now (also) using the bug tracker on salsa and the documentation
is now officially hosted on
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......@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ of packages).
## Documentation
The [documentation]( is updated once a
day and matches what is deployed on
The [documentation]( always
matches what's in the git repository's master branch.
Otherwise you can generate the documentation yourself by doing `make html`
in the docs subdirectory of the distro-tracker git repository.
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ in the docs subdirectory of the distro-tracker git repository.
### How to contribute
Have a look at the ["Contributing"
section]( of the
section]( of the
### Contact information
......@@ -33,16 +33,20 @@ The lead developer is Raphaël Hertzog (buxy on IRC).
### Reporting bugs and vulnerabilities
We use the Debian bug tracker to manage bug reports (including security
issues, there's a "security" tag). If you have something to report, please
file a bug against the `` package. You can follow
[Debian's instructions]( to complete
this process. You should check the [list of open
We are using [GitLab's bug
tracker]( to manage bug
reports. You should file new bugs there.
However we also use the Debian bug tracker with its ``
pseudo-package. You should thus check [its list of open
issues]( before filing a new
bug to avoid duplicates.
bug to avoid duplicates. You can also have a look at all the [closed bug
You can also have a look at all the [closed bug
reports](; too.
Security issues should be reported to the bug tracker like other bugs.
If you believe that the issue is really sensitive, then you can
mail [Raphaël Hertzog]( privately.
## Misc information
<div id="footer-title">{% if DISTRO_TRACKER_VENDOR_URL %}<a href="{{ DISTRO_TRACKER_VENDOR_URL }}">{{ DISTRO_TRACKER_VENDOR_NAME }}</a>{% else %}{{ DISTRO_TRACKER_VENDOR_NAME }}{% endif %} Package Tracker</div>
<div id="footer-copyright">
<a href="">Copyright</a> 2013-2018 The Distro Tracker Developers
<div id="footer-repository">
<a href="">Bugs</a><a href="">Git Repository</a>
<a href="">Documentation</a>
<a href="">Bugs</a>
<a href="">Git Repository</a>
<a href="">Contributing</a>
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ but should you find some features that are lacking or some other problems,
then please file bug reports against the
<a href=""></a>
pseudo-package. Also don't hesitate to help us by
<a href="">contributing
<a href="">contributing
patches</a> for those issues.</p>
Not convinced? Go back to the old <a
href="{{ package }}">package tracking
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