Upgrading to GitLab 12.5.4.

Commit bafeecc5 authored by Bernhard Link's avatar Bernhard Link

add newly added testcase files to .tar.gz

parent 02a524e1
EXTRA_DIST = test.sh testchecksums.sh testsignatures.sh test.inc genpackage.sh dpkg-architecture debtest.sh tooltest.sh testflat.sh testsnapshotcopyrestore.sh testsubcomponents.sh testvarious1.sh
EXTRA_DIST = brokenunlzma.sh debtest.sh dpkg-architecture genpackage.sh testatoms.sh testcheck.sh testchecksums.sh testflat.sh testlayeredupdate2.sh testlayeredupdate.sh test.inc test.sh testsignatures.sh testsnapshotcopyrestore.sh testsubcomponents.sh testtemplate.sh testuncompress.sh testvarious1.sh testvarious2.sh testvarious3.sh tooltest.sh
MAINTAINERCLEANFILES = $(srcdir)/Makefile.in
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