Commit c039d60c authored by Bernhard Link's avatar Bernhard Link

allow unordered patches (using the built-in patch merging)

parent fb142e41
......@@ -265,17 +265,27 @@ retvalue patch_load(const char *filename, off_t length, struct rred_patch **patc
/* make sure things are in the order diff usually
* generates them, which makes line-calculation much easier: */
if( n->next != NULL ) {
// TODO: theoretically, that could be healed by
// changing the numbers when this item is moving to
// the later code. But how test this as diff uses
// the sane order?
if( n->oldlinestart + n->oldlinecount
> n->next->oldlinestart ) {
"Error using '%s' line %d: wrong order of edit-commands\n",
filename, line);
return RET_ERROR;
struct modification *first, *second;
retvalue r;
// TODO: it might be more efficient to
// first store the different parts as different
// patchsets and then combine...
/* unlink and feed into patch merger */
first = n->next;
first->previous = NULL;
second = n;
n->next = NULL;
n = NULL;
r = combine_patches(&n, first, second);
patch->modifications = n;
if( RET_WAS_ERROR(r) ) {
return r;
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