Commit 57d98d61 authored by Andy Wingo's avatar Andy Wingo Committed by Rob Browning

remove spurious declarations in c-tokenize.lex

* libguile/c-tokenize.lex: Remove spurious declarations of flex-internal
  functions, as their prototypes are changing in upstream flex.

Origin: Rob Browning's avatarRob Browning <>
parent 7c0b9a86
......@@ -74,6 +74,7 @@ For fixes or providing information which led to a fix:
Dan McMahill
Roger Mc Murtrie
Scott McPeak
Andrew Milkowski
Tim Mooney
Han-Wen Nienhuys
Jan Nieuwenhuizen
......@@ -86,6 +87,7 @@ For fixes or providing information which led to a fix:
Arno Peters
Ron Peterson
David Pirotte
Sergey Poznyakoff
Ken Raeburn
Andreas Rottmann
Hugh Sasse
......@@ -24,20 +24,6 @@ INTQUAL (l|L|ll|LL|lL|Ll|u|U)
an error for that. */
#define YY_NO_INPUT
int yylex(void);
int yyget_lineno (void);
FILE *yyget_in (void);
FILE *yyget_out (void);
int yyget_leng (void);
char *yyget_text (void);
void yyset_lineno (int line_number);
void yyset_in (FILE * in_str);
void yyset_out (FILE * out_str);
int yyget_debug (void);
void yyset_debug (int bdebug);
int yylex_destroy (void);
int filter_snarfage = 0;
int print = 1;
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