Version 1.52.4

- Closed bugs and merge requests:

  * `ARGV` encoding issues [#22, !108, Evan Welsh]
  * Segfault on enumeration of GjSFileImporter properties when a searchpath
    entry contains a symlink [#154, !144, Ole Jørgen Brønner]
  * Possible refcounting bug around GtkListbox signal handlers [#24, !154,
    Philip Chimento]
  * Fix up GJS_DISABLE_JIT flag now the JIT is enabled by default in
    SpiderMonkey [!159, Christopher Wheeldon]
  * Expose GObject static property symbols. [!197, Evan Welsh]
  * Do not run linters on tagged commits [!181, Claudio André]
  * gjs-1.52.0 fails to compile against x86_64 musl systems [#132, !214, Philip
  * gjs no longer builds after recent autoconf-archive updates [#149, !217,
    Philip Chimento]
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