Commit 31917a43 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

Merge branch '223-fix-widget-field-crash' into 'master'

Resolve "gnome-sound-recorder crashes deep inside libgjs"

Closes #223

See merge request GNOME/gjs!266
parents 091b7dbc 9f182bd6
......@@ -375,31 +375,6 @@ static GjsAutoFieldInfo lookup_field_info(GIObjectInfo* info,
return retval;
GIFieldInfo* ObjectPrototype::find_field_info_from_id(JSContext* cx,
JS::HandleString key) {
/* First check for the ID in the cache */
auto entry = m_field_cache.lookupForAdd(key);
if (entry)
return entry->value().get();
JS::UniqueChars js_prop_name;
if (!gjs_string_to_utf8(cx, JS::StringValue(key), &js_prop_name))
return nullptr;
GjsAutoFieldInfo field = lookup_field_info(m_info, js_prop_name.get());
if (!field) {
gjs_wrapper_throw_nonexistent_field(cx, m_gtype, js_prop_name.get());
return nullptr;
if (!m_field_cache.add(entry, key, std::move(field))) {
return nullptr;
return entry->value().get(); /* owned by field cache */
bool ObjectBase::field_getter(JSContext* cx, unsigned argc, JS::Value* vp) {
GJS_GET_WRAPPER_PRIV(cx, argc, vp, args, obj, ObjectBase, priv);
......@@ -422,10 +397,7 @@ bool ObjectInstance::field_getter_impl(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString name,
return true;
ObjectPrototype* proto_priv = get_prototype();
GIFieldInfo *field = proto_priv->find_field_info_from_id(cx, name);
/* This is guaranteed because we resolved the property before */
GIFieldInfo* field = proto_priv->lookup_cached_field_info(cx, name);
GITypeTag tag;
GIArgument arg = { 0 };
......@@ -542,9 +514,7 @@ bool ObjectInstance::field_setter_impl(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString name,
return true;
ObjectPrototype* proto_priv = get_prototype();
GIFieldInfo *field = proto_priv->find_field_info_from_id(cx, name);
if (field == NULL)
return false;
GIFieldInfo* field = proto_priv->lookup_cached_field_info(cx, name);
/* As far as I know, GI never exposes GObject instance struct fields as
* writable, so no need to implement this for the time being */
......@@ -829,7 +799,13 @@ bool ObjectPrototype::resolve_impl(JSContext* context, JS::HandleObject obj,
if (!(g_field_info_get_flags(field_info) & GI_FIELD_IS_WRITABLE))
JS::RootedValue private_id(context, JS::StringValue(JSID_TO_STRING(id)));
JS::RootedString key(context, JSID_TO_STRING(id));
if (!m_field_cache.putNew(key, field_info.release())) {
return false;
JS::RootedValue private_id(context, JS::StringValue(key));
if (!gjs_define_property_dynamic(
context, obj, name, "gobject_field", &ObjectBase::field_getter,
&ObjectBase::field_setter, private_id, flags))
......@@ -1679,6 +1655,44 @@ gjs_lookup_object_prototype(JSContext *context,
return gjs_lookup_object_prototype_from_info(context, info, gtype);
// Retrieves a GIFieldInfo for a field named @key. This is for use in
// field_getter_impl() and field_setter_impl(), where the field info *must* have
// been cached previously in resolve_impl() on this ObjectPrototype or one of
// its parent ObjectPrototypes. This will fail an assertion if there is no
// cached field info.
// The caller does not own the return value, and it can never be null.
GIFieldInfo* ObjectPrototype::lookup_cached_field_info(JSContext* cx,
JS::HandleString key) {
if (is_custom_js_class()) {
// Custom JS classes can't have fields. We must be looking up a field on
// a GObject-introspected parent.
GType parent_gtype = g_type_parent(m_gtype);
g_assert(parent_gtype != G_TYPE_INVALID &&
"Custom JS class must have parent");
ObjectPrototype* parent_proto =
g_assert(parent_proto &&
"Custom JS class's parent must have been accessed in JS");
return parent_proto->lookup_cached_field_info(cx, key);
"Looking up cached field info for '%s' in '%s' prototype",
gjs_debug_string(key).c_str(), g_type_name(m_gtype));
auto entry = m_field_cache.lookupForAdd(key);
if (entry)
return entry->value().get();
// We must be looking up a field defined on a parent. Look up the prototype
// object via its GIObjectInfo.
GjsAutoObjectInfo parent_info = g_object_info_get_parent(m_info);
JS::RootedObject parent_proto(cx, gjs_lookup_object_prototype_from_info(
cx, parent_info, G_TYPE_INVALID));
ObjectPrototype* parent = ObjectPrototype::for_js(cx, parent_proto);
return parent->lookup_cached_field_info(cx, key);
void ObjectBase::associate_closure(JSContext* cx, GClosure* closure) {
if (!is_prototype())
......@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ class ObjectPrototype
GParamSpec* find_param_spec_from_id(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString key);
GIFieldInfo* find_field_info_from_id(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString key);
GIFieldInfo* lookup_cached_field_info(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString key);
bool props_to_g_parameters(JSContext* cx, const JS::HandleValueArray& args,
std::vector<const char*>* names,
......@@ -243,6 +243,19 @@ describe('Introspected GObject', function () {
it('gives undefined for write-only properties', function () {
it('can read fields from a parent class', function () {
let subobj = new Regress.TestSubObj({
int: 42,
float: 3.1416,
double: 2.71828,
// see "can access fields with simple types" above
describe('Introspected function length', function () {
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