Commit 554e3d7a authored by Philip Chimento's avatar Philip Chimento

CI: Always build HEAD in Flatpak manifest

The commit being built for CI will already be checked out, so if we
specify HEAD in the manifest flatpak-builder will check out that commit

The previous way of specifying this only worked for branches, not tags.
parent 7b330751
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
"sources": [
"type": "git",
"branch": "<<current>>",
"branch": "HEAD",
"path": "."
......@@ -302,7 +302,6 @@ elif [[ $1 == "FLATPAK" ]]; then
# Ajust to the current branch
sed -i "s,<<ID>>,$APPID,g" ${MANIFEST_PATH}
sed -i "s,<<master>>,master,g" ${MANIFEST_PATH}
sed -i "s,<<current>>,origin/$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME,g" ${MANIFEST_PATH}
flatpak-builder --bundle-sources --repo=devel build ${MANIFEST_PATH}
flatpak build-bundle devel ${BUNDLE} --runtime-repo=${RUNTIME_REPO} ${APPID}
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