Commit 67082beb authored by Claudio André's avatar Claudio André

CI: save script '.sh' test logs

parent 29a91bfa
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ stages:
.JHBuild files: &JHB_files [.cache/jhbuild/build/gjs/*.log, .cache/jhbuild/build/gjs/Makefile, .cache/jhbuild/build/gjs/configure]
.Coverage files: &cov_files [.cache/jhbuild/build/gjs/*.log, .cache/jhbuild/build/gjs/Makefile, .cache/jhbuild/build/gjs/configure, coverage/]
.Regular files: &reg_files [configure, Makefile, analysis/, ./*.log, gjs-1.*/_build/sub/test-suite.log]
.Regular files: &reg_files [configure, Makefile, analysis/, ./*.log, ./*.trs, ./installed-tests/scripts/*.log, ./installed-tests/scripts/*.trs]
.Flatpak files: &pak_files [./*.flatpak]
.jhbuild: &jhbuild
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