Commit b3b36d6d authored by Philip Chimento's avatar Philip Chimento

release: Prepare for 1.55.92

parent 55bb22c9
Version 1.55.92
- Closed bugs and merge requests:
* Fix CI failures [!269, Philip Chimento]
* Possible memory allocation/deallocation bug (possibly in js_free() in GJS)
[!270, Chun-wei Fan, Philip Chimento]
* cairo-context: Special-case 0-sized vector [!271, Florian Müllner]
* Add some more eslint rules [!272, Florian Müllner]
* win32/NMake: Fix introspection builds [!274, Chun-wei Fan]
* NMake/libgjs-private: Export all the public symbols there [!275, Chun-wei
Version 1.55.91
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