Commit dce837ce authored by Philip Chimento's avatar Philip Chimento

object: Cache field info during resolve already

In object resolve (lazy property definition), we define a JS property
for a GObject field, and give the property getter and setter a key with
which it can look up its GIFieldInfo in a cache.

Previously, the getter and setter would look in the cache, and if the
GIFieldInfo was not present, compute it from the object's GIObjectInfo
and add it to the cache.

Since resolution of a GObject field will always be followed immediately
by either a getter or setter invocation, and we already have the
GIFieldInfo available at the resolve step, go ahead and add it to the
cache already, instead of discarding it and computing it again shortly

See also: gjs#223
parent b0b4ec02
......@@ -375,29 +375,17 @@ static GjsAutoFieldInfo lookup_field_info(GIObjectInfo* info,
return retval;
GIFieldInfo* ObjectPrototype::find_field_info_from_id(JSContext* cx,
JS::HandleString key) {
/* First check for the ID in the cache */
// Retrieves a GIFieldInfo for a field named @key. This is for use in
// field_getter_impl() and field_setter_impl(), where the field info *must* have
// been cached previously in resolve_impl(). This will fail an assertion if
// there is no cached field info.
// The caller does not own the return value, and it can never be null.
GIFieldInfo* ObjectPrototype::lookup_cached_field_info(JSContext* cx,
JS::HandleString key) {
auto entry = m_field_cache.lookupForAdd(key);
if (entry)
return entry->value().get();
JS::UniqueChars js_prop_name;
if (!gjs_string_to_utf8(cx, JS::StringValue(key), &js_prop_name))
return nullptr;
GjsAutoFieldInfo field = lookup_field_info(m_info, js_prop_name.get());
if (!field) {
gjs_wrapper_throw_nonexistent_field(cx, m_gtype, js_prop_name.get());
return nullptr;
if (!m_field_cache.add(entry, key, std::move(field))) {
return nullptr;
return entry->value().get(); /* owned by field cache */
g_assert(entry && "Field info should have been cached in resolve_impl()");
return entry->value().get();
bool ObjectBase::field_getter(JSContext* cx, unsigned argc, JS::Value* vp) {
......@@ -422,10 +410,7 @@ bool ObjectInstance::field_getter_impl(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString name,
return true;
ObjectPrototype* proto_priv = get_prototype();
GIFieldInfo *field = proto_priv->find_field_info_from_id(cx, name);
/* This is guaranteed because we resolved the property before */
GIFieldInfo* field = proto_priv->lookup_cached_field_info(cx, name);
GITypeTag tag;
GIArgument arg = { 0 };
......@@ -542,9 +527,7 @@ bool ObjectInstance::field_setter_impl(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString name,
return true;
ObjectPrototype* proto_priv = get_prototype();
GIFieldInfo *field = proto_priv->find_field_info_from_id(cx, name);
if (field == NULL)
return false;
GIFieldInfo* field = proto_priv->lookup_cached_field_info(cx, name);
/* As far as I know, GI never exposes GObject instance struct fields as
* writable, so no need to implement this for the time being */
......@@ -829,7 +812,13 @@ bool ObjectPrototype::resolve_impl(JSContext* context, JS::HandleObject obj,
if (!(g_field_info_get_flags(field_info) & GI_FIELD_IS_WRITABLE))
JS::RootedValue private_id(context, JS::StringValue(JSID_TO_STRING(id)));
JS::RootedString key(context, JSID_TO_STRING(id));
if (!m_field_cache.putNew(key, field_info.release())) {
return false;
JS::RootedValue private_id(context, JS::StringValue(key));
if (!gjs_define_property_dynamic(
context, obj, name, "gobject_field", &ObjectBase::field_getter,
&ObjectBase::field_setter, private_id, flags))
......@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ class ObjectPrototype
GParamSpec* find_param_spec_from_id(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString key);
GIFieldInfo* find_field_info_from_id(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString key);
GIFieldInfo* lookup_cached_field_info(JSContext* cx, JS::HandleString key);
bool props_to_g_parameters(JSContext* cx, const JS::HandleValueArray& args,
std::vector<const char*>* names,
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