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    overrides: Allow DBus methods with file descriptor lists · a13bb7a0
    Philip Chimento authored
    For DBus proxies, we now allow calling methods with an extra
    Gio.UnixFDList argument. This does not break existing code because we
    already allowed a bunch of arguments in any order. Gio.DBusProxy.call()
    is the same under the hood as Gio.DBusProxy.call_with_unix_fd_list(),
    only with a null FD list parameter, so we can replace the former with
    the latter.
    Previously, synchronously called DBus proxy methods would return an
    unpacked GVariant. Now, if called with a Gio.UnixFDList they will return
    [unpacked GVariant, FDList]. This also does not break existing code
    because it was not possible to call a method with an FDList before, and
    the return value is unchanged if not calling with an FDList. This does
    mean, unfortunately, that if you have a method with an 'h' in its return
    signature but not in its argument signatures, you will have to call it
    with an empty FDList in order to receive an FDList with the return
    value, if calling synchronously.
    On the DBus service side, when receiving a method call, we now pass the
    FDList received from DBus to the called method. Previously, sync methods
    were passed the parameters, and async methods were passed the parameters
    plus the Gio.DBusInvocation object. Appending the Gio.UnixFDList to
    those parameters also should not break existing code, although it could
    if the method examines the number of arguments. (That is unlikely, since
    DBus doesn't have methods with variable arguments.)
    TODO: Check whether this works on non-Unix platforms.
    Closes #204.
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