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[[!meta date="2015-04-26 06:34:33 UTC"]]
	      Dear users of the backports service!

	 With the release of Jessie (coming up) we are pleased to open the doors
	for jessie-backports and wheezy-backports-sloppy (mostly all
	architectures are already buildable there, too).  Whee!

	 But, PLEASE DO READ ON, there are some changes in the process that we
	would like to do for the new upload pockets.

	== What to upload where ==

	 As a reminder, uploads to a release-backports pocket are to be taken
	from release + 1, uploads to a release-backports-sloppy pocket are to be
	taken from release + 2.  Which means:

	 Source Distribution | Backports Distribution | Sloppy Distribution
	 stretch             | jessie-backports       | wheezy-backports-sloppy
	 jessie              | wheezy-backports       | squeeze-backports-sloppy

	== We drop -v switch hard requirement ==

	 We required uploads to contain the changelog entries since the former
	version in stable in the changes file.  This was quite convenient for
	people reading the changes through the changes mailinglist but
	especially also for the backports team when processing packages.

	 Given that the changelogs of former backports and the packages
	backported are available through the website
	(amongst other sources) and that it was annoying to both backporters and
	also us as backports team we are dropping it as hard requirement.  It
	would still be pretty awesome for the above mentioned reasons if you
	could keep it as part of your workflow, especially for uploads that end
	in the policy queue, but we won't reject packages based solely on that

	== Versioning ==

	 Previous we used ~bpo70+1 as suffix for the versions of uploads.  We
	were asked whether we might want to align that with the other suffixes
	used and drop the zero from within there, and yes, we will drop it.
	This means that uploads to jessie-backports should use ~bpo8+1 as
	suffix, and also wheezy-backports-sloppy uses ~bpo7+1 as suffix.

	 For wheezy-backports please still use ~bpo70+1 version suffixes
	because of sorting reasoning, especially if there are also
	squeeze-backports-sloppy packages around.  Which brings us to ...

	== squeeze-backports* ==

	 As you are probably aware, squeeze is still a supported release through
	LTS.  The same goes for the squeeze-backports* suites, you can consider
	them to be around for the same timeframe that LTS is going to be around.

	== Statistics ==

	 For packages backported from jessie, so far we have 995 different
	source packages in wheezy-backports, and 27 different source packages in
	squeeze-backports-sloppy.  Those 995 source packages took 1729 uploads
	to become reality.

	== Thanks ==

	 Thanks have to go out to all people making backports possible, and that
	includes up front the backporters themself who do upload the packages,
	track and update them on a regular basis, but also the buildd team
	making the autobuilding possible and the ftp masters for creating the
	suites in the first place.

	 Enjoy, and continue being awesome!
	Rhonda, on behalf of the Backports Team