Commit 70750a19 authored by Bill Blough's avatar Bill Blough

moveChars_overlap patch applied upstream. Remove it

parent 7cf69ced
Description: XMLString::collapseWS calls moveChars on overlapping memory
XMLString::collapseWS calls XMLString::moveChars on overlapping memory. This
is an issue since the moveChars implementation uses memcpy. Such operations
for memcpy are undefined. This patch changes the moveChars to use memmove
instead, which is safe for overlapping memory.
Author: Bill Blough <>
Last-Update: 2015-05-01
--- a/src/xercesc/util/XMLString.hpp
+++ b/src/xercesc/util/XMLString.hpp
@@ -1443,7 +1443,7 @@ inline void XMLString::moveChars(
, const XMLCh* const srcStr
, const XMLSize_t count)
- memcpy(targetStr, srcStr, count * sizeof(XMLCh));
+ memmove(targetStr, srcStr, count * sizeof(XMLCh));
inline XMLSize_t XMLString::stringLen(const XMLCh* const src)
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