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Update docs on component tests and mailing list

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Running the Tests
The tests are run via
python nosetests
To also run the component tests you need to initialize the git submodules once
git submodule update --init --recursive
This will fetch the necessary binary data for the DEB and RPM component tests
and the tests are from now on included within each regular test run.
Building the API Docs
You can build the API docs using
epydoc -v --config=setup.cfg
Contributing Patches
Make sure the tests pass before sending in patch. You can either send it to the
mailing list or add it to a bug report against git-buildpackage on
This is a bunch of scripts to ease the development of Debian packages with git.
For more documentation on howto use these tools see the manual
online at:
For more documentation on how to use these tools see the manual online at:
......@@ -12,3 +11,10 @@ On Debian systems this can be found in
The API documentation of the gbp module can be found at:
The mailing list is at:
git-buildpackage at
See the HACKING document for details on contributing to gbp development.
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