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Document changes and release 0.6.25

parent e0f8b5b3
git-buildpackage (0.6.25) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Markus Lehtonen ]
* [f10d67f] UpstreamSource.guess_version: recognise debian native tarballs
* [3ef3304] tests: add tests for UpstreamSource.guess_version()
* [60ad28f] rpm tests: use eq_ and ok_ from nose tools.
Provides better error messages as is more consistent as eq_ was already
used in some test cases.
* [f089021] tristate: implement __nonzero__() method.
Returns False if tristate is 'off', otherwise True ('on' or 'auto').
* [e07aaba] config: support for older six
* [e4f767f] GitRepository/has_submodules: add treeish argument. For
defining a Git treeish which to look into, instead of the current working
* [5a74d4e] tests: add unit tests for gbp.rpm.SrcRpmFile
* [1e347cc] rpm tests: disable one anomalous pylint error
* [bd72c30] rpm tests: unbreak spec parsing test for openSUSE 13.2.
Some SUSE-specific RPM tags are not supported anymore.
[ Guido Günther ]
* Upload to unstable
* Some Python3 compat including using six.
* [74008c7] Turn off coverage output by default. It's much simpler to spot
the cause of test failures this way.
* [19d9280] Update docs on component tests and mailing list
* [0b98c48,49f0e44,7ebf843] gbplogtester: robustness so we can finally
silence the test suite.
* [b1b7761] config test: fix missing prefix. We want to test no prefix,
'gbp-' and 'git-'.
* [335dfdb] command_wrapper: Make error reporting more flexible.
We allow to substitute stderr, stdout and error_reason in run_error now.
These changes the API for derived classses slightly so fix them up as
* [89574a0] Don't let pristine-tar spew on stderr.
Capture its output and only dump it on failure. This makes "gbp
import-orig" and test runs less verbose.
* [430be38] testutils: Fix __all__. The values weren't correctly seperated
* [36b90e9] SrcRpmFile: Add stderr to error messages
so we can better debug failures like
* [53fbee6] Depend on cpio needed by gbp import-srpm
[ Daniel Kahn Gillmor ]
* [83c5cc5] Allow to set upstream-vcs-tag via gbp.conf.
Also pass it through version_to_tag so
upstream-vcs-tag = libgpg-error-%(version)s
properly expands the version replacement. (Closes: #780602)
* [cb03293] Add %(hversion)s to version_to_tag to support some upstreams
enigmail upstream uses tags named enigmail-1-8 for 1.8. Other
upstreams have used similar conventions, likely as holdovers from CVS
(e.g. gnupg 1.4.2 was tagged with V1-4-2). This patch helps packagers
work with these upstreams. (Closes: #780679)
[ Martin Erik Werner ]
* [4a53c0f] docs: Fix diirectory->directory typo in gbp.conf manpage
(Closes: #783013)
[ Daniel Gollub ]
* [aa8548d,e0f8b5b] gbp-dch: Guess upstream-tag based on merge-base to not
accidentally pick up tags from the Debian branch.
(Closes: #gh:7)
-- Guido Günther <> Mon, 27 Apr 2015 09:05:16 +0200
git-buildpackage (0.6.24) experimental; urgency=medium
[ Guido Günther ]
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