Commit 26a390a3 authored by Guido Günther's avatar Guido Günther

GitRepository: api doc fixes

Gbp-Dch: Ignore
parent b8221b8e
......@@ -340,7 +340,7 @@ class GitRepository(object):
@param rev: where to start the branch from
@param force: reset branch HEAD to start point, if it already exists
If rev is None the branch starts form the current HEAD.
If rev is None the branch starts from the current HEAD.
args = GitArgs(branch)
args.add_true(force, '--force')
......@@ -610,7 +610,7 @@ class GitRepository(object):
@param local_branch: name of the local branch
@type local_branch: C{str}
@param upstream: remote/branch, for example origin/master
@param upstream: Remote branch in the form remote/branch, e.g. origin/master
@type upstream: C{str}
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