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docs: document how to use GBP_CONF_FILES to override debian/gbp.conf

Closes: #898613
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For more details, see the <xref linkend="man.gbp.conf"/> manual page.
<sect1 id="gbp.cfgfile.order">
<title>Overriding Parsing Order</title>
The environment variable <envar>GBP_CONF_FILES</envar> can be
used to override the order in which configuration files are
parsed. The following example parses two configuration files in the
users home directory (<filename>~/.gbp.conf</filename> and
<filename>~/.gbp.late.conf</filename>) and in the debian
directory (<filename>debian/gbp.conf</filename>).
The file are parsed from left to right. Since <filename>
~/.gbp.late.conf</filename> is at the very end of the list it
can be used to override configuration entries shipped by the
package. This can be useful if packages set
e.g. <option>export-dir</option> or
<option>tarball-dir</option> and you perfer different locations:
$ cat &lt;&lt;EOF &gt;~/.gbp.late.conf
export-dir = ../build-area
tarball-dir = ../tarballs
$ export GBP_CONF_FILES=~/.gbp.conf:debian/gbp.conf:~/.gbp.late.conf
$ cd &lt;mypkg&gt;
$ gbp config buildpackage.export-dir
If you want all configuration files to be skipped, set
<envar>GBP_CONF_FILES</envar> to a non existing location. This way
only default values and options from the command line will be used:
$ export GBP_CONFI_FILES=/does/not/exist
$ gbp config buildpackage.debian-branch
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