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    Do not quote values in kernel-img.conf examples · 46753e62
    Manoj Srivastava authored
    If /etc/kernel-img.conf contains a mkimage line with quotation marks,
    then kernel reconfiguring fails. This happens because MKIMAGE variable in
    mkinitrd will have outer quotes and last eval operator try to execute
    "\"genromfs tra-la-la\"" command (instead of "genromfs tra-la-la") and
    fails. Remove quotes from the example. Closes: #429451 
    * kernel-img.conf.5 (Caveat): Remove quotes from around mkimage. 
    * kernel-img.conf.es.5 (Precaución): Ditto
    * kernel-img.conf.fr.5: Ditto
    git-archimport-id: srivasta@debian.org--lenny/kernel-package--devel--11.0--patch-15
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