Commit 92ae7c7f authored by Manoj Srivastava's avatar Manoj Srivastava

Update the po4a pot files

Signed-off-by: Manoj Srivastava's avatarManoj Srivastava <>
parent 0fa90341
......@@ -19,8 +19,7 @@ CONFLOC := /etc/kernel-pkg.conf
LIBLOC := /usr/share/kernel-package
MODULE_LOC := /usr/src/modules
DOCFILES = README.modules README.tecra README.grub HOWTO-Linux-2.6-Woody \
DOCFILES = README.modules Rationale
EXAMPLES = sample.kernel-img.conf etc
# where kernel-package files go to
......@@ -112,9 +111,7 @@ install: genpo4a
$(make_directory) $(prefix)/usr/share/$(package)/docs
$(install_file) debian/changelog $(DOCDIR)/changelog
$(install_file) README $(DOCDIR)/README
$(install_file) kernel/docs/HOWTO-Linux-2.6-Woody $(DOCDIR)/
$(install_file) Problems $(DOCDIR)/Problems
$(install_file) Multi-Arch $(DOCDIR)/Multi-Arch
$(install_file) debian/NEWS.Debian $(DOCDIR)/
$(install_file) _make-kpkg $(BASH_DIR)/make_kpkg
gzip -9fqr $(DOCDIR)
......@@ -127,6 +124,18 @@ install: genpo4a
$(install_file) kernel-package.5 $(MAN5DIR)/kernel-package.5
$(install_file) make-kpkg.8 $(MAN1DIR)/make-kpkg.1
$(install_file) kernel-packageconfig.8 $(MAN8DIR)/
for lang in es fr; do \
test -f kernel-pkg.conf.$$lang.5 && \
$(install_file) kernel-pkg.conf.$$lang.5 $(MANTOP)/$$lang/man5/kernel-pkg.conf.5; \
test -f kernel-img.conf.$$lang.5 && \
$(install_file) kernel-img.conf.$$lang.5 $(MANTOP)/$$lang/man5/kernel-img.conf.5; \
test -f kernel-package.$$lang.5 && \
$(install_file) kernel-package.$$lang.5 $(MANTOP)/$$lang/man5/kernel-package.5; \
test -f make-kpkg.$$lang.8 && \
$(install_file) make-kpkg.$$lang.8 $(MANTOP)/$$lang/man1/make-kpkg.1; \
test -f kernel-packageconfig.$$lang.8 && \
$(install_file) kernel-packageconfig.$$lang.8 $(MANTOP)/$$lang/man8/kernel-packageconfig.8; \
gzip -9fqr $(prefix)/usr/share/man
$(install_file) kernel-pkg.conf $(prefix)/etc/kernel-pkg.conf
$(install_program) kernel-packageconfig $(prefix)/usr/sbin/kernel-packageconfig
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