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    [master]: New bugfixing release. · 0cbba845
    Manoj Srivastava authored
    * The underlying kernel tree has long removed support for zImage
      images. This makes bzImage the default, so there is no need to have
      the user specify one or the other, so removed the --zImage and the
      --bzImage options from kernel-package. Removing this also removed code
      that caused confusion in the image names when --bzImage argment was
      used.  (Closes: #574957).
    * Modified the manual pages to reflect the changes aboue. Updated the
      po4a .po files and .pot files.  Also clarified the requirements for
      running as root,, and emphasized that fakeroot is th way to go, and
      running as root is not recommended. Clarified that make-kpkg is
      supposed to be run after configuring the kernel. (Closes: #704116).
    * Previously, the Debian revision had to contain a digit. Now dpkg
      complains if it does not start with a digit. Updated the  sanity
      checks to test for this new constraint.   (Closes: #674101).
    * Removed a versioned dependency on make, for a version older than the
      one present in oldstable.
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarManoj Srivastava <srivasta@golden-gryphon.com>
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